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Perspective from the client in the Middle

During my 15-year career, I have had the opportunity to be at both sides of the coin, working from Agency/Media and from the client side; and I can tell you from my experience that when you are in a digital marketing position within some industry brand it is important to first organize the internal house.

Starting by identifying the business objectives, whether they are sales, registrations, engagement within social networks or downloads. These are those KPI’s that I must have within the own channels where my audience lands after being impacted with advertising.

After this, it is necessary to start working as a team with the different internal business units within the company; Product Manager or Brand Managers, Customer Service, legal area and IT to have a good structure of our own channels, a correct measurement, communication and thus be able to deliver to those consumers or target audience websites, applications or social networks of confidence with clear communication, friendly navigation and being able to assist quickly and assertive.

With this part of our channels running, along with defined roles, begins the communication strategy that we often use with external agencies; here are three things that are key:

Understand that the strategy is not focused on Google and Facebook because we believe

They’re the means that give us the best results, we cannot ignore the use of Branding to impact those audiences with specific interests.

Have an ad server that measures all the actions and the different purchases we make, whether  by impressions, clicks, views, listens, among others. Hand in hand with this, is understanding and defining the famous attribution models to identify what each means or tactic that I am executing brings me.

Last but not least, work with a trusted ally who offers clear negotiation models and, above all, transparency at the team level and platform investment.

We are in a business where agencies and media need to make money and brands need good strategic allies, for this to happen it is necessary that we all speak the same language, train ourselves to the maximum and be transparent.

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