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Long term business.

I have been working in different commercial departments and sectors such as

medical insurance, commercial stores, web pages, digital campaigns, among others. And in this along the way I have learned several things that I will share with you below.

  1. The commercial field is undoubtedly one of the most important fields of the companies, without removing prominence to each of the departments because they are all important, but if there are no sales the companies would not exist.
  1. It’s not just going to dinner and having a drink or two with the clients “the famous PR” take them from walk or give them gifts at the end of the year, it goes much further, it is really creating a relationship that is honest, trustworthy and transparent with each client, where enough time is dedicated to advise them correctly and that the information provided is true.
  1. Selling for the sake of selling is very easy, but the satisfaction of selling honestly and not just to earn a commission or meet the sales quota, has filled me with motivation and joy to continue doing what I like to do, advise my clients the right way, dedicate the necessary time, that they feel that I am not only a supplier but their partner, because the truth is, if my clients grow we as a company grow too.
  2. Honesty is a very important factor in having a stable and lasting business.
  3. A good commercial executive is not the one who sells the most, but the one who manages to create a relationship of trust.
  4. A good commercial executive takes the time to understand the client’s needs in order to advise them properly.
  5. A good commercial executive is the one who builds loyalty
  6. A good business executive is one who provides excellent customer service.

There is a lot of competition in this industry, but the big difference is customer service.

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